Thursday, 20 September 2012

Musings on Dreamforge Games
Since I jilted GW due to the exorbitant price hikes last year, I've been looking for a new 28mm Sci-fi flame.  Now I can finally say I think I have found it in Dreamforge Games. If you don't know who DFG are, then look at this!  A 8.5 inch Leviathan....

I got to say I really like the ethos of this company and the fact it really is a one man band with the founder genius Mark Modragon. The models have been appealing to me for a while and I have even got my card out to order a Lethaithan Crusader but the one thing that has put me off was the fact all the minis are resin or pewter. Both are mediums I'm not the biggest fan off and certainly can't justify untill I have a few more models painted up.
Why bring this up you say if you are not going to buy them? Well I am and I have. I have just participated in Mark's latest Kickstater project to make these fantastic products PLASTIC… Yes that’s right plastic Lethiathans and that isn't the best bit. They will retail at around $90.00 USD or roughly £65.00 GBP!! That’s around 5 for the price of a warhound.   Even better they will also do a 15mm version standing in at 4.5inches.  Depending on how quickly Mark can design these products and the new scaleable game system this is the first company I really think could take on 40K. 
I just can't wait for my kits to get here and for a general release date to be announced…

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