Wednesday, 5 September 2012

I've been build up a few tanks for FoW.  They are from The Plastic Solider Company (PSC).

I'm building an 11th Armoured Division Squadron (British).  Gotta love the Charging Bull!!

First up are the British Shermans, two boxes of PSC kits are half the army (WooT?).  TBH if I had thought about this I should have saved some money and got a multi pack of 3.  So far got 5 bad boys (mostly) built, each tank took 20-30 minutes and as get get more practice i'm getting quicker.  The tank on the far left is a Firefly...

Next up are a box of Panzer IV's.  I'm building these for late war, Panzer IV - Ausf H, with Armoured Skirts (Schurzen) and 75mm Anti-tank gun (KwK 40 L/48 gun).  Four of these built so far.  I got to say these are more difficult than the Shermans as the tracks are a bit of a pain.  That said the detail is good and price is great.  Still two built in an 1 and half hours isn't bad.

Will probably get a few more boxes ot these when (if) I get them painted :)

All in all these are good value excellent little kits to bulk out your armies.  Looking forward to getting some Panthers, Half tracks and T34s....,  and infantry, guns heavy weapons etc...

Next up,  got some Revell Micro Wings 1/144 Stukas and Tyhpoons to play with!

Let me know what you think?

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