Friday 6 May 2022

Imperial Fists - Rogal Dorn

Todays post is about my paint job of the Rogal Dorn.  He has been a favourite character of mine since the very earliest days of the Horus Heresy story.  To the best of my knowledge both he and the Imperial Fists were introduced in the Original Space Marine Game (1989) in a short story. 

I decided I wanted an older looking gold to the normal Retributor Armour that’s become a common tool in the armour.  With this in mind I painted him using Gold from the Vallejo Metals, then washed with watered down agrax, following up with a light drybrush of the original gold.  The faces is the awesome Guilliman flesh contrast paint, it gives a good base for skin, better than I can achieve with a brush.  The clock is a mix of washes, blending, and contrast paints.

Overall, I’m very happy with how he has come out.  That’s two of 18 completed.  Probably going to be progressing Perturabo or Finishing Magnus the Red next.

The long hobby war continues…


  1. Look great, nice work!

  2. Love the gold you achieved. He is one of the more practical for gaming Primarchs, not all fancy pants like Fulgrim or Sanguinius