Monday, 6 February 2017

Adeptus Titanicus Review - Part 1 - Command Panel

Today's post is about Adeptus Titanicus and the demo game I played in on the Saturday night of the weekender.

Specialist Games were in force at the Horus Heresy Weekender 2017 to discus the new Adeptus Titanicus Rules.  I brought my own titan up, the Reaver Titan "Bellator Ferrum" from Legio Tempestus, to join in the battle.  The Loyalist team outnumbered the Traitors, so "Bellator Ferrum" joined the traitor faction of Tempestus for the evening.  This game was run by James Hewitt, the games designer.  This series of post will give a detailed flavour of the rules.

The Command Panel

The command panel is where it is all at in Adeptus Titanicus.


Starting in the top left, we have the order space.  The orders on the right go here, but more on orders later.

  • Command - This is the number the titan has to roll to above to get receive orders. 
  • Ballistic Skill - This is the value you have to roll on a D6 to hit without modifiers.
  • Speed - This has two values, the first is the normal speed.  The second is when you decide to push extra reactor power to the legs.
  • Weapon Skill - This is the value you have to roll on a D6 to hit in close combat without modifiers.
  • Manoeuvre - The number of turns a titan can make.  This has two values, the first is the normal numbers of turns.  The second is when you decide to push extra reactor power to the legs to get additional turns.
  • Servitor Clades - This is the amount of dice you roll in the repair phase.

The box to the right is the power and shields console.  The top line is the amount of output the titans reactor can put out.  This is currency to boost actions like moves and turns.  Shields can be boosted to allow you to re-rolled failed saves.  Some weapons like plasma weapons can be overcharged using power.  The largest lasers must be powered up to fire.  A warning on this is if you are in the orange or red, you need to roll to see if bad things happen.  The bottom line is the number of shields your titan currently has.

The box directly beneath these is the structure console.  This has three sections for Head, Body, and Legs.  The round circles on the left are the armour.  The three linked circles on the left are the structural section.  This box is important as its not possible to repair the things in this box.

The boxes at the bottom are the weapons.  I didn't get a good look at the Warhound console, but i assume its has two weapons.  Arm Weapons are in a 90 degree arc to the front. The Reaver carapace weapon is 360 Degree arc.  The Warlord carapace is a fixed forward fire.  When weapons are destroyed, the card is flipped over.  Additional damage would then be rolled as the damage then can flash back into the Titan.

That is it for today, tune in for another instalment soon.


  1. Ooh lovely. Quite retro, liking it.

  2. Very excited about this release! Reviews much appreciated!

  3. Excellent, thank you! Watching this eagerly...

  4. can't wait. Any idea whats included in the box or a general release window?

  5. Sounds awesome!
    This could be the bees knees.

  6. Yew! I'm so excited to see you unwrap this for us dude, thanks! I bet this will be a great fun game at either 8mm or 28mm scales!

  7. Wow wow wow - this looks like so much fun, definitely more in line with what I imagine an engine war to be like. Thank you for sharing this!