Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Fallout 32mm Miniatures Game

Todays post is about the upcoming Fallout miniatures game from Modiphius Miniatures.  

First up, a bit about why I love Fallout...

People who I talk computer games know I love this series.  I got Fallout (1) on the strength of the PC Gamer review on the day of release.  The dark comedy was great, and got better in Fallout 2 (who can forget Sleeping with a gangsters wife and daughter and then steal everything in his safe).  The isometric, turn based system added to the joy.  I could never really get into fallout tactics though.  Then Black Isle went under and I was Heart broken... 

Skip forward too many years,  and the owners of my other favourite role playing franchise bought the rights (ok, so the legal side was far more complicated than this), and Fallout 3 was born.  I played mainly on the the Xbox, and It took me a couple of attempts to get into this game (probably because I was still a pic gamer at heart) but I started to love this too, even if the black humour was less good.  I played this far too much in fact, hundreds of hours indeed.

Then at last Fallout 4 was born.  The suits of powered armour finally looked the way they should.  I could rebuild the wasteland.  Build sentry guns.  Spend HOURS AND DAYS looking for wood and cement!  Love it still.  Play it still.  I have a Pip-Boy dammit!

So since day one I wanted a Miniatures game. Let me just say the renders released look awesome.

It's stated game model count is from 3 to 30 models.  The scale is in 32mm scale, so will be 40k compatible.  The company doing it have some successful games, you may have heard of infinity.....

More info on this from here

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