Friday, 9 December 2016

Magnus the Red, update

I've spent some of today painting the Crimson King.  I've been using the official painting video by GamesWorkshop, except I put on most of the armour before the video was released.  Body and wings done!

Are you getting Magus? Are you going to be paint using the official scheme or something different?

The long hobby war contiunes...


  1. Oooooooh, that's looking ruddy fantastic! Loving the color transitions you're getting on the skin and wings, awesome stuff man!

  2. That's looking great mate, I won't be getting him, too many armies WIP, but I'm sure I'll see him across the battlefield at some point. Lovely rich red flesh

  3. Your Magnus is great - the name for the titan is great !

  4. Wow it's certainly an impressive model! Looking great!

  5. @ Mordian, cheers he has been fun to paint so far.

    @ Siph, thanks for the comment, shame I won't see your take on him!

    @ zzzzzz, thanks, the Titan name is really growing on me!

    @Gungrave, cheers. He is an impressive kit. Damned complicated to put together though.