Sunday, 6 November 2016

Legio Custodes, Part One

This if the first post in yet another new Army I'm working on.  I was lucky (Stood outside for two hours freezing my blooming bottom off kind of lucky) enough to pick up a Caladis Grav-Tank.  I bathed it last night and assembled it tonight.  It is a lovely tank and Blake has done proud.  The only challenging point was inserting the rear engine.  A lot of excess resin had worked in the hole, this is more to do with the mold than the model though.  

Sicaran for scale and to show the linage.

I will buy another.

I will buy a number of the speeder.

I will buy a number of the dreads.

All in all, I want this all in plastic!

The long hobby war contiunes...


  1. Ooh lovely... I'm sure a Custodes Allied Force may be on many people's cards...

  2. Sweeeeeeeeet! Cannot wait to see it painted up (and get my hands on one when they come up for general order). Awesome addition!

  3. @ Siph, sure thing, they were one of top things on mine

    @ Mordian, yeah I can't wait to see you get one and paint one and sell one before I get mine under coated.... :$

    @ Zzzzzz, they look better in person...