Wednesday, 27 July 2016

3D printing scifi shipping containers - Part 2

Following from my last post, I've made some progress with the design on the shipping containers.

These are the 'finished' parts, I'm tempted to revise the leg sections as they are maybe a bit leggy and the top rollers are a little redundant at the moment.  I may also narrow the armoured mid sections a little to give the Grimdark™ boxy squareness.

The first print section is on the printer now.  I suspect it will need a little rescaling.

I'm also thinking designing a smaller version of the mid section connector with no legs for small shipping containers.

Let me know what you think in the comments below.


  1. They look awesome! Wish I had the skills to produce something like that!

    1. It's actually really easy. It's mainly straight lines and patience... I started by drawing a box, and used push/pull to create a 3D object. Then I just honed it down from there. Drawing lines from the mid points to define where I needed gubbins like bolts and details. I used the offset tool a lot too!

      I seriously recommend you play with sketch up. It's free and very useful. I'm going to learn blender next, as it's better for organic shapes.