Monday, 5 August 2013

British 11th Armoured Division - Part 1

I've decided to build up a large 15mm Force of the 11th Armoured Division. Theres a number of reasons I choose this formation:

1: The unit insignia is super fly cool.
2: They had both Shermans and Cromwells.
3: They played a role in most of the major battles of the Western Front campaign.
4: They where the only unit in the British Army to be fully equiped with Comet Tanks prior to the end of hostilities.
5: And lastly but not least, the availbilty of transfers is pretty good (got mine from doms decals)

I have enough PSC Shermans and Cromwells to build two squadrons. unfortunatley I also got an extra box of Shermans to build fireflies for the Cromwell troops, only to find out that in the 11th, Armoured Recce Regiments had Challengers (Doh!!). In the 7th Armoured, the Armoured Regiments had Fireflies and the Armoured Recce Regiments had Challengers.

I'm in the process of assembling:

Armoured Regiment (Designation - 51), the senior regiment in the division.
HQ troop (4 Sherman Tanks)
Troop 1 (4 Sherman Tanks)
Troop 2 (4 Sherman Tanks)
Troop 3 (4 Sherman Tanks)
Troop 4 (4 Sherman Tanks)
Stuart Troop (5 Stuart IV tanks)

Armoured Recce Regiment (Designation - 44)
HQ troop (2 Cromwell tanks, 2 Cromwell CS tanks)
Troop 1 (3 Cromwell tanks, 1 BF Challenger Tank)
Troop 2 (3 Cromwell tanks)
Troop 3 (3 Cromwell tanks)
Troop 4 (3 Cromwell tanks)

When it comes to painting, I will be giving each troop the squadron markings. This is so I can tell which tanks belong to each troop without needing to paint numbers of finding some very small transfers. I may change my mind before I finish painting though.

Just to round out the force, I have also bought a box of the new, and excellent PSC late war british infantry. I'm building one platoon with individual bases, the rest I haven't yet decided on, but may get these based for FoW.

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