Thursday, 21 February 2013

Tank horde

I've been a little bit busy while waiting for my Dreamforge Games Leviathan to arrive.

PSC have rapidly become my favorite model maker of 15mm WW2 stuff.  Cheap (well compared to the market) and extremely well made.  Not to mention, very little in the way of mold lines and a burgeoning range and excellent customer service.  They make me HAPPY!!

I don't as yet have the models assembled for one complete force.  Because that is not how I roll.

Here are my ten new Russian T34/85 medium tanks.  I have built five of the T34/76 turrets also.

And my five Russian T70 light tanks.  I have started to undercoat (Tamiya AS-1 Dark Green(IJN) Scale 100ml 86501) this little boys, unfortunatley the weather has closed in and its now too cold to spray.

Four Tigers on the prowl.... Tiger 1E.  The intention is to paint these using tamiya sprays and masks to get the camo.  I'm going to be aiming at a heavy ambush camo pattern.

All five Panzer IV's are now assembled.  These will be base coated in middlestone, but I haven't decided on the camo.  Possibly dark green stripes/lines?  I think I want to test out on an old BF stugG model first.

I haven't included the british shermans I have in this post.  I have assembled a few more since my last post, but I'm waiting to recieve two consignments of British armour spray cans from Battlefront.  Until this happens I i'm struggling to motivate myself on the models.

Last picture is a scale shot of the PSC range I have to show the size comparison between the different models.   Left to Right: Sherman M4, Sherman M4 Firefly, T34/85, T34/76, T70, Tiger 1E, Panzer IV Ausf.H.

In the picture the T70 is next to the Tiger 1E.   I have so much respect for the guys in these little tanks facing the monster Tigers 1 and 2 (and Panther).

The next 15mm WW2 update will be specific to the type of tank I decide to takle first (probably the T70s).

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