Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Hello again,

Been a little while since the last blog. Mainly because I was going stir crazy casting blocks. Because of this the Norman Keep is on hold for a little while.

However in my first post I put up some pictures of a command section of Flames of War Panzergrenadier. Actually, its a Gepanzerte Panzergrenadier Company HQ. The kit contains three Sd Kfz 251/1 Half Tracks and three infantry stands. I thought to give me a break I would paint them.

These are where I'm up to.

The Hauptman, Company Command team
The Kompanie 2iC team

A Panzerschreck team.

First of three Sd Kfz 251/1 half-track

Just for kicks, here is a StuG IV i'm working on too.
The colours are Flames Of War, Vallejo paints. Utility, German Infantry and German Armour paint sets. Camoflage pattern is based of a Konigstiger (King Tiger) pattern. My air brush isn't fine enough to paint this tanks, so had to improvise.

Hope you like them...
See you then.

The Colonel

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