Inspirational Titans

This page is to save links to blogs, plogs and vlogs about Titan builds that inspire me in the hobby.  Vids first but otherwise in no real order, I will add to this over time, add a comment if you have or know of a good blog, video or plog.  If it makes the cut, I'll add it.

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chuffy1976 on YouTube
Mars Patterrn Warlord

Dave Taylor on YouTube

Cruorangelussilicis on YouTube 
Mars Pattern Reaver
Mars Pattern Warhound
Lucius Pattern Warhound

Siph_Horridous @ the WeeMen
Mars Alpha Pattern Warlord

Drake Seta @ The battle bunnies
Mars Alpha Pattern Warlord

The Gungrave @ aguardsmansguidetoglory
Mars Alpha Pattern Warlord Titan
Mars Pattern Reaver Titan

Dave Taylor @ Davetaylorminiatures
Mars Beta Pattern Warlord
Also a Mars Pattern Reaver and Mars Pattern Warhound buried on the site.

Bigjon @ Two Titans
Mars Pattern Reaver

Henry South @ The God Machines
Mars Beta Pattern Warlord with power claw!

Anything by Blackadder
scratch built Lucius Pattern Warlord
Scratch built Lucius Pattern Warhound
Converted and swappable Lucius/Mars Pattern Reaver